The company BRIV CONSTRUCTION was founded in 1990 by merging two family-owned companies that were successful in business for many years even before integration. The company was running a business under the name YU BRIV for decades.

The driving force behind the company has been and will remain the family unity and unconditional devotion to the clients. 

We build for our clients in the same manner as we build for ourselves - with utmost care and delight. We are proud of the fact that our clients are becoming our friends, and constructed buildings are permanent witnesses of the quality of our work. 

A team of top professionals and highly qualified employees who have realized the most complex construction projects, has been growing in and is still working in that kind of work environment. 

BRIV CONSTRUCTION is a contemporary business system based on the best international civil engineering industry practice, competent for realization of the most demanding projects. We are very proud of the fact that we have executed numerous projects applying the specific engineering knowledge. 

We cover a wide range of activities, with special expertise in the field of designing and execution of civil engineering, building and hydrotechnical construction.    

We are pleased with the achieved, yet we are making constant efforts to improve our business operation in order to justify the trust placed in us. 



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